Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gong - You (1974)

You is an album by psychedelic rock band Gong, recorded and originally released in 1974. Recorded at The Manor, Oxfordshire, the original side 1 (the first five tracks listed below) was mixed at Pye, Marble Arch, side 2 at the Manor. Produced by Simon Heyworth and Gong "under the universal influence of C.O.I.T., the Compagnie d'Opera Invisible de Thibet", and engineered by Simon Heyworth. "You" is the third of the "Radio Gnome Trilogy" of albums, following Flying Teapot and Angel's Egg. The Trilogy forms a central part of the Gong mythology. - Wikipedia

Mike Howlett - Bass Guitar
Pierre Moerlen - Percussion
Mirielle Bauer - Percussion
Benoit Moerlen - Percussion
Steve Hillage - Lead Guitar
Didier Malherbe - Wind Instruments & Vocals
Tim Blake - Moog, EMS Systhesisers & Mellowdrone
Daevid Allen - Vocal Locust & Glissandoz Guitar
Gilli Smyth - Poems & Space Whisper
Miquette Giraudy - Wee Voices & Chourousings

1. Thoughts for Naught
2. A P.H.P.'s Advice
3. Magick Mother Invocation
4. Master Builder
5. A Sprinkling of Clouds
6. Perfect Mystery
7. The Isle of Everywhere
8. You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever


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