Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jane - Between Heaven and Hell (1977)

Jane followed up their previous album quite well with "Between Heaven and Hell". The album had more abrupt chord-changes and didn't have the same seamless flow as "Fire, Water, Earth & Air". But that made it on the other hand a more dynamic and varied record that better captured all the different sides of the band. The 20-minute title-track had it all: sinister instrumental-passages with some electronic effects, pleasant Pink Floyd-like vocal-parts, loud heavy-prog riffs, sweeping solo-passages with atmospheric string-synths, and even a gothic choir to make the right gloomy mood. "Twilight" starts as an average hard rock song, but turns quickly into a beautiful and energetic instrumental-part that easily is some of the best that Jane ever recorded. "Voice in the Wind" is a melodic and heavily synth-based song that floats graciously away in its spacey feel. The closing-track "Your Circle" is a very basic and ordinary boogie-rock track, but it's still kind of funny as it makes such a big contrast to the rest of the album. "Between Heaven and Hell" was yet another proof that Jane was on a winning streak in the late 70's, as it's easily among their best albums. - Vintageprog

Klaus Hess - Guitars, Moog & Vocals
Martin Hesse - Bass, Vocals
Peter Panka - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Manfred Wieczorke - Keyboards, Vocalswith
A. Zchenker - Harp

1. Between Heaven and Hell (19:47)
2. Twilight (8:14)
3. Voice in the Wind (5:14)
4. Your Circle (3:51)


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