Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nektar - A Tab in the Ocean (1972)

Tab in the Ocean is one of my all time favourite progressive rock recordings. Psychedelic landscaped atmospheres in a classic progressive rock setting with the highest of crafted songs. "Tab..." is essentially 2 great epic tracks both of which approach the 20 min mark. In my opinion "Tab..." is perhaps the pinnacle NEKTAR album culminating some of their greatest pieces of work ever. Tab contains superb guitar/bass workouts which are layered with organ soaked melodies, vintage classic rock drumming and excellent vocal harmonies. The melodies here are simply amazing and will certainly capture the heart and soul of the listener. Without a question, "Tab In The Ocean" is essential progressive rock and remains to this day one of my all time most treasured progressive rock recordings. - Progarchives

Roye Albrighton - Guitars, Vocals
Mick Brockett - Liquid Lights
Allan Freeman - Keyboards, Backing Vocals & Mellotron
Ron Howden - Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals
Derek "Mo" Moore - Bass, Vocals

1. A Tab in the Ocean (15:31)
2. Desolation Valley (5:45)
3. Waves (2:53)
4. Cryin' in the Dark (5:27)
5. King of Twilight (4:07)


Coisa Feita said...

Anonymous said...

i'm listening to this right now and it's really good... i mean, not just good, because i usually don't like too much the progresive rock. this sounds diferent but i don't know the reason. maybe i don't need one.
well, thanks for it, i didn't hear about them before.
bye! (sorry for my english)

Coisa Feita said...

I'm glad you like it. There is not much more to say, I think. While I enjoy "Remember the Future" and "Journey to the Centre of the Eye" more, A Tab in the Ocean is also highly recommended!