Monday, May 4, 2009

Captan, obvio - Whachu Min (2008)

Conceived halfway between a basement and an empty swimming pool in Caracas, Venezuela during the summer of 2008, Captan, obvio is a free-form rock n roll band deeply grained in improvisation and psychodelia. Having met some six months prior, the three members passion for discovering new music and experimenting with their instruments fused into what was to be the base for the bands sound. The band consists of Pericles (Bass, programming), Mario Anzola (Guitar, programming) and Alejandro Delgado (Guitar, whiskey). The debut album Wachu Min was recorded in a single day as one session, unrehearsed and completely improvised (true to the bands form and spirit).As of 2009, Captan, Obvio is proud to have Rino as their new drummer and our artist Pelota joining in on the trumpet.

Alejandro Delgado - Guitar
Pericles Snatches - Bass
Mario Anzola - Guitar
Rino - Drummer

1. Bajaron de todos lados. Ju sed guat??? / Guelcome tu dis guorld.
2. Revolution of de tortels (a las puertas del imperio)
3. Caligueva!
4. Black cat blus
5. Uno que les duela
6. Espeis reis estartop
7. De lo anterior salió algo / All the meat you...ll ever need


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