Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eloy - Power and the Passion (1975)

Power and the Passion represents something of a transition phase for Eloy, the 'missing link' between earlier heavy hammond-and-guitar driven power-progressive and the ethereal space rock that typified succeeding albums. It is their first concept-album, and it showed that the band went in a more polished and symphonic direction. The album tells the story of Jamie, son of a mad scientist, who accidentally swallows a 'tardis' drug that sends him back in time to 1358 in Paris where he meets and falls in love with a girl called Jeanne, gets embroiled in a peasant uprising, is imprisoned and finally finds his way back to the 20thC to ponder his sense of loss for Jeanne and how little the world has changed in 600 years. The point of Bornemann's story is that humans have made great strides forwards in technology, but little in the way of relationships and humanity: the focus may have shifted, but the world remains full of greed, suppression and exploitation. The story is told in a literal and simplistic manner, barely touching the philosophical aspects. Neither is there any attempt at illustration in musical terms. The music is more symphonic than their earlier albums and the keyboard-arsenal has been broadened considerably and featured now mellotron, piano, organ and various synths. -Progarchives

Frank Bornemann - Vocals, Guitar
Luitjen Janssen - Bass
Fritz Randow - Drums
Detlef Schwaar - Guitar
Manfred Wieczorke - Keyboards, Mellotron

1. Introduction (1:11)
2. Journey into 1358 (2:54)
3. Love Over Six Centuries (10:09)
4. Mutiny (9:08)
5. Imprisonment (3:13)
6. Daylight (2:38)
7. Thoughts of Home (1:05)
8. The Zany Magician (2:48)
9. Back into the Present (3:02)
10. The Bells of Notre Dame (6:21)


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