Saturday, May 30, 2009

Grobschnitt - Solar Music Live (1978)

"Do you hear solar music?" is the musical question being asked here and if this Grobschnitt live album doesn't space you right out, it's time to call up NASA and rent a space shuttle.Of all the live albums in my personal collection I would have to rank Grobschnitt's "Solar Music - Live" as one of the all time classics. I have adored this album for years and was happy to hear that Eroc of the band had re-mastered the original recording adding an extra 13 mins void off of the earlier CD pressings. "Solar Music - Live" rests on its own as yet another one of Grobschnitt's greatest moments and is a fantastic voyage into the heart of the sun. The concert essentially runs as 1 long piece of music offering great guitar, bass and keyboard interplay. Although "Solar Music" does appear on the studio album "Ballermann" it is live where we get to hear the theatrics and the pure energy Grobschnitt were able to muster up. Keyboard work is highly atmospheric and paves a great path for the magical electrical guitar work present on this album. - Progarchives

Stefan Danielak - Guitar, Vocals
Joachim H. Ehrig - Synthesizer, Drums, Vocals
Wolfgang Jäger - Bass
Volker Kahrs - Keyboards, Vocals
Gerd Kühn - Guitar, Vocals

1. Solar Music (4:38)
2. Food Sicore (3:52)
3. Solar Music II (6:03)
4. Mühlheim Special (10:43)
5. Otto Pankrock (6:26)
6. Golden Mist (10:56)
7. Solar Music III (12:26)


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