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Peter Hammill - The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage (1974)

The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage is the third album by British singer-songwriter Peter Hammill. It was released on Charisma Records in 1974, during a hiatus in the activities of Hammill's progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator. However, like many of Hammill's "solo" albums of this period, all the members of Van der Graaf Generator perform on the recording, blurring the distinction between solo and group work. Hammill has often performed the song "Modern" in concert. "The Lie (Bernini's Saint Theresa)" partly alludes to the Ecstasy of St Theresa by Bernini. "Red Shift" features Spirit guitarist Randy California on lead guitar. The lengthy "A Louse is not a Home" is a full blown prog rock epic, featuring melodramatic lyrics reminiscent of gothic horror writer Edgar Allan Poe's short story The Fall of the House of Usher, upon which Hammill would later base an opera. - Wikipedia

Peter Hammill - Guitars, Piano, Bass Guitar, Harmonium, Keyboards, Vocals, Mellotron
Randy California - Lead Guitar
Hugh Banton - Organ, Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Guy Evans - Percussion, Drums
David Jackson - Flute, Saxophone

1. Modern (7:28)
2. Wilhelmina (5:17)
3. The Lie (Bernini's Saint Theresa) (5:40)
4. Forsaken Gardens (6:15)
5. Red Shift (8:11)
6. Rubicon (4:11)
7. A Louse Is Not a Home (12:13)


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