Thursday, January 21, 2010

Riverside - Rapid Eve Movement (2007)

Rapid Eye Movement is an album by progressive rock/metal band Riverside. It is the third and final part of the Reality Dream Trilogy which has thus far included Out of Myself and Second Life Syndrome. The album is split into two parts: part one consists of tracks one through five while part two consists of tracks six through nine. It was released internationally by InsideOut Music on October 9 2007, on September 28 in Europe by InsideOut Music and on September 24 by Mystic Productions in Poland. A two CD digipack version of the album has been also been released and includes extra tracks and some video footage. There are also 2 outtakes that are expected from the last reality dream suite, the title track and reality dream IV. Instead, both are included in the bonus disk, and the final instrumental of the suite is titled Lucid dream IV. - Wikipedia

Mariusz Duda - Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Piotr Grudzinski - Guitars
Michal Lapaj - Keyboards
Piotr Kozieradzki - Drums

1. Beyond The Eyelids (7:56)

2. Rainbow Box (3:37)
3. 02 Panic Room (5:29)
4. Schizophrenic Prayer (4:21)
5. Parasomnia (8:10)
6. Through the Other Side (4:06)
7. Embryonic (4:10)
8. Cybernetic Pillow (4:46)
9. Ultimate Trip (13:13)


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