Friday, June 11, 2010

The Doors - The Doors (1967)

The Doors is the debut album by the American rock band The Doors, recorded in August 1966 and released in January 1967. It features the breakthrough single "Light My Fire", extended with a substantial instrumental section mostly omitted on the single release, and the lengthy song "The End" with its Oedipal spoken-word section. The 40th Anniversary Mix presents the first album in speed-corrected form for the first time. The speed discrepancy was brought to Bruce Botnick's attention by a Brigham Young University professor who stated that all the video and audio live performances of The Doors performing "Light My Fire", as well as the sheet music show the song being in a key almost a full half step higher than the LP release. Only the 45 RPM single of "Light My Fire", issued in 1967, was produced at the correct speed. The Doors credit the success of their first album to being able to work the songs out night after night at the Whisky a Go Go or the London Fog. "Alabama Song" was originally written and composed by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill for their opera Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny (Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny); "Back Door Man" was a Howlin' Wolf cover. The line "Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night" from "End of the Night" is a quote from William Blake's poem "Auguries of Innocence". "The End"'s Oedipal climax was first performed live at the Whisky A Go Go and The Doors were thrown out as a result of lead vocalist Jim Morrison screaming "Mother...I want to fuck you!" near the climax of the song. The album was ranked number 42 on Rolling Stone's list the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. - Wikipedia

Jim Morrison – Vocals
Robby Krieger – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ray Manzarek – Vox Continental Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
John Densmore – Drums
Larry Knechtel – Bass

1. Break On Through (To the Other Side) (2:29)
2. Soul Kitchen (3:35)
3. The Crystal Ship (2:34)
4. Twentieth Century Fox (2:33)
5. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) (3:20)
6. Light My Fire (7:06)
7. Back Door Man (3:34)
8. I Looked at You (2:22)
9. End of the Night (2:52)
10. Take It As It Comes (2:17)

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)

The Dark Side of the Moon is the eighth studio album by English progressive rock group Pink Floyd, and was released in March 1973. The concept album built on ideas explored by the band in their live shows and earlier recordings, but it lacks the extended instrumental excursions that characterised their work following the departure in 1968 of founding member, principal composer, and lyricist Syd Barrett. The Dark Side of the Moon's themes include conflict, greed, the passage of time and mental illness, the latter partly inspired by Barrett's deteriorating mental state. The album was developed as part of a forthcoming tour of live performances, and was premiered several months before studio recording began. The new material was further refined during the tour and was recorded in two sessions in 1972 and 1973 at Abbey Road Studios in London. The group used some of the most advanced recording techniques of the time, including multitrack recording and tape loops. Analogue synthesisers were given prominence in several tracks, and a series of recorded interviews with staff and band personnel provided the source material for a range of philosophical quotations used throughout. Engineer Alan Parsons was directly responsible for some of the most notable sonic aspects of the album, including the non-lexical performance of Clare Torry. The Dark Side of the Moon was an immediate success, topping the Billboard 200 for one week. It subsequently remained in the charts for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988, longer than any other album in history. With an estimated 45 million copies sold, it is Pink Floyd's most commercially successful album and one of the best-selling albums worldwide. It has twice been remastered and re-released, and has been covered by several other acts. It spawned two singles, "Money" and "Us and Them". In addition to its commercial success, The Dark Side of the Moon is one of Pink Floyd's most popular albums among fans and critics, and is frequently ranked as one of the greatest rock albums of all time. - Wikipedia

David Gilmour – Vocals, Pedal Steel and Electric Guitar, VCS 3 Synthesiser
Nick Mason – Drums, Percussion
Roger Waters – Bass Guitar, Vocals, VCS 3 Synthesiser
Richard Wright – Keyboards, Vocals, VCS 3 Synthesiser

1. Speak to Me (1:30)
2. Breathe (2:43)
3. On the Run (3:30)
4. Time (6:53)
5. The Great Gig in the Sky (4:15)
6. Money (6:30)
7. Us and Them (7:34)
8. Any Colour You Like (3:24)
9. Brain Damage (3:50)
10. Eclipse (1:45)

Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings (2009)

Black Clouds & Silver Linings is the tenth studio album of the progressive metal band Dream Theater. It was released on June 23, 2009 under Roadrunner Records. The album's lyrics were written by John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy, and all except one concern personal experiences about disturbing or difficult moments of their lives. Petrucci wrote "A Nightmare to Remember" about a car accident he was involved in as a child, "The Count of Tuscany" about an actual encounter he had in Tuscany, and "Wither" about the process of songwriting for him. "The Best of Times" was written by Mike Portnoy about his father, who died from cancer. "I just wanted to write something that was a tribute to our life together," said Portnoy, who played the song for his father prior to his death. "The Shattered Fortress" is the final part of Portnoy's Twelve-step Suite, reprising and concluding themes and motifs from the suite that began on 2002's Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence album. The remaining song, "A Rite of Passage", concerns Freemasonry; a video of the edited single was released on May 8, 2009. - Wikipedia

James LaBrie – Lead Vocals
John Petrucci – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jordan Rudess – Keyboards
John Myung – Bass
Mike Portnoy – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

1. A Nightmare to Remember (16:10)
2. A Rite of Passage (8:35)
3. Wither (5:25)
4. The Shattered Fortress (12:49)
5. The Best of Times (13:07)
6. The Count of Tuscany (19:16)

Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment (1998)

Liquid Tension Experiment was released in 1998 by Liquid Tension Experiment through Magna Carta. The group is formed by John Petrucci (guitars), Mike Portnoy (drums), Tony Levin (bass, Chapman stick), and Jordan Rudess (keyboard). The album was written and recorded within one week of studio sessions. - Wikipedia

1. Paradigm Shift (8:55)
2. Osmosis (3:26)
3. Kindred Spirits (6:30)
4. The Stretch (2:01)
5. Freedom of Speech (9:19)
6. Chris and Kevin's Excellent Adventure (2:22)
7. State of Grace (5:02)
8. Universal Mind (7:53)
9. Three Minute Warning (27:94)

Transatlantic - SMPT:e (2000)

SMPT:e (AKA StoltMorsePortnoyTrewavas) is the first album of the progressive rock supergroup Transatlantic. The title is a play on words; SMPT:e is both a combination of the band members' initials and the name of a recording technique. The song "In Held 'Twas In I" was originally recorded by progressive rock band Procol Harum in 1967 (released on the album Shine on Brightly, in 1968) and was widely regarded as the first progressive rock epic. - Wikipedia

Neal Morse - Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar,
Mike Portnoy - Drums, Backing Vocals
Roine Stolt - Electric Guitar, Mellotrons, Percussion
Pete Trewavas - Bass Guitar, Moog Taurus Pedals, Vocals

1. All of the Above (30:59)
2. We All Need Some Light (5:45)
3. Mystery Train (6:52)
4. My New World (16:16)
5. In Held ('Twas in I) (17:21)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pain of Salvation - Road Salt One (2010)

Road Salt One is the seventh studio album by Swedish band Pain of Salvation, released May 17, 2010 on InsideOut. - Wikipedia

Daniel Gildenlöw - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar
Fredrik Hermansson - Keyboards
Johan Hallgren - Guitars, Vocals
Léo Margarit - Drums, Backing Vocals

1. No Way (5:26)
2. She Likes to Hide (2:57)
3. Sisters (6:15)
4. Of Dust (2:32)
5. Tell Me You Don't Know (2:42)
6. Sleeping Under the Stars (3:37)
7. Darkness of Mine (4:15)
8. Linoleum (4:55)
9. Curiosity (3:33)
10. Where It Hurts (4:51)
11. Road Salt (3:02)
12. Innocence (7:13)