Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eloy - Floating (1974)

Floating is the third album by the German progressive rock band Eloy. It was released in 1974. Floating is one of the most underrated or forgotten album of Eloy. The music here is simply a top-notch combination of heavy metal psychedelism and space rock! Few vocals, very catchy melodies and energic guitar playing. It ressembles by moments to a fight between Deep Purple (due to Manfred Wieczorke's organ solos) and Pink Floyd, but, of course, with the german's band own style and spirit. Furthermore, Floating is very consistent, the listener never loses his attention on the music. The record opens with the title song, a true easy rider ballad to space. The tune is very powerful, vocals are trippy. This is an excellent introduction which lets you expect more... and the "more" arrives with the 15 minutes magic epic The Light from Deep Darkness. The beginning is very mysterious, in the vein of Land of No Body, then the rythm changes suddenly and gets angrier, but always in a mystical feel. Alternating peaceful and powerful passages with efficient guitar improvisations and special sound effects, the song is evolving, enchanting, stoning, and announces Eloy's future direction towards space music. The next track, Castle in the Air, is much more rock- oriented, very melancholic to become surprisingly trippy and rocky, in the spirit of Gong's You (released the same year). Mindblowing! The calm comes back with the delicate melody of Plastic Girl, before putting you in a galaxy far away with Bornemann's powerful solos. The disc finishes with Madhouse, which at first glance ressembles to a classical 70s' heavy metal tune. But this is without counting on the talent of the german space rockers, who summon planet collisions and sonic deflagrations with their instruments. An excellent spacy conclusion which will let you in the sky! - Progarchives

Frank Bornemann – Vocals, Guitar 
Manfred Wieczorke – Organ, Guitar 
Luitjen Janssen – Bass 
Fritz Randow – Drums

1. Floating (3:59)
2. The Light from Deep Darkness (14:35)
3. Castle in the Air (7:13)
4. Plastic Girl (9:07)
5. Madhouse (5:15)


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