Friday, August 13, 2010

Gods Are Ghosts - Lights (EP) (2010)

Gods are Ghosts is a four piece modern alternative rock group based in Austin, Texas.  Their sound is characterized by hauntingly delicate melodic breaks pressed tightly against walls of guitars, a rising and emotional vocal performance, and an infectious rhythmic undertow that pulls you into its depths and holds you beneath the surface of its sound. The band is influenced by groups such as The Mars Volta, Deftones, Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Nine Inch Nails. The band released its debut EP “Lights” on May 4, 2010 to overwhelming reviews.  And while the public life of the band is quite short, the origin of the band dates quite a bit further.  The band first began writing in the summer of 2009 inside a former industrial warehouse in northeast Austin.  Guitarist Donnie Miller, bassist Thomas Miller, drummer Bryan Canatella, and vocalist Morgan James Duplant began spending countless hours inside their new home carefully crafting their brand of sound, often refusing the light of day that lay beyond the now soundproofed walls.  As the months began to wane into the teeth of winter, sessions began to run longer and longer, sometimes lasting eight hours.  It became increasingly tough during this time to resist the temptation of playing live shows, as the material was ready for its debut, but they pushed further.  Delirium and sensory overload had their moments during those winter months but the band continued to work at a fever pitch, and soon they would emerge from that place they had called home for so long. In March 2010, Gods are Ghosts chose Test Tube Audio in Austin, Texas to record their debut EP.  The band teamed up with producer Kevin Butler and immediately felt at home at his studio in south Austin.  The creative environment and Kevin Butler’s intuition formed a tandem that seemed to always push the material just beyond where the band thought it would come to rest.  In the end, “Lights” reads like a photo album of the groups' journey: each section of song a photo of a feeling’s landscape and mood arranged amongst the others. 
Bryan Canatella - Drums
Donnie Miller - Guitar
Thomas Miller - Bassist
Morgan James Duplant - Vocal

1. Lights Warming Skin (4:31)
2. Sharpen What Remains (3:36)
3. A Breath to Raise You from the Dead (4:10)
4. You Refuse the Noose (4:15)
5. Bloodstream (3:32)


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