Thursday, August 12, 2010

Magma - Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh (1973)

Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh (MDK) is an album released by French progressive rock band Magma in 1973. MDK is Magma's most famous and stylistically acclaimed record; and although it has not become a commercial success, the band continues to present this 'classic' or 'symphonic rock' material to audiences. As with most of composer Christian Vander's apocalyptic music, Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh is sung completely in his synthetic language Kobaïan (which reads and feels much like a glottal-stop-free Germanic language). MDK is story of the prophet 'Nebehr Güdahtt' who delivers to the people of the Earth this insight: If they want to be saved from themselves, they must morally cleanse themselves to worship of the Kobaïan supreme being, 'Kreuhn Kohrmahn', by learning sacred "Zeuhl Wortz" music (already wildly popular on Kobaïa, of course). In response to this blatant cultural imperialism the people of the Earth initially march against Güdahtt, but slowly like any true believer Güdahtt attracts enough of a base of adherents to survive, to sing the Kobaian music. - Wikipedia

Christian Vander – Drums, Vocals, Organ, Percussion
Jannick Top – Bass
Klaus Blasquiz – Vocals, Percussion
Jean-Luc Manderlier – Piano, Organ
Benoit Widemann – Keyboards
René Garber – Bass Clarinet, Vocals
Claude Olmos – Guitar
Stella Vander – Vocals
Muriel Streisfield – Vocals
Evelyne Razymovski – Vocals
Michele Saulnier – Vocals
Doris Reinhardt – Vocals
Teddy Lasry – Brass, Flute 

1. Hortz Fur Dehn Stekëhn West (9:36)
2. Ïma Süri Dondaï (4:30)
3. Kobaïa Is de Hündïn (3:34)
4. Da Zeuhl Wortz Mekanïk (7:48)
5. Nebëhr Gudahtt (6:02)
6. Mekanïk Kommandöh (4:10)
7. Kreühn Köhrmahn Iss de Hündïn (3:13)


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