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13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators (1966)

The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators is a 1966 album by 13th Floor Elevators. The album's sound, featuring elements of folk, garage, blues and, of course, psychedelia, is notable for its use of the electric jug, as featured on the band's only hit, "You're Gonna Miss Me", which reached #55 on the Billboard Charts with "Tried to Hide" as a B-side. Another single from the album, "Reverberation (Doubt)", reached #129 on the Billboard's Bubbling Under Chart. The November 1966 album title is purported to be the first use of the word "psychedelic" in reference to the music within. However, this is in dispute as two other bands also used the word in titles of LPs released in November 1966: The Blues Magoos' Psychedelic Lollipop, and The Deep's Psychedelic Moods. - Wikipedia

Roky Erikson -Vocals, Rhythm Guitar 
Stacy Sutherland - Lead Guitar 
Tommy Hall -Amplified Jug
Benny Thurman - Bass, Violin 
John Ike Walton - Drums, Percussion
1. You're Gonna Miss Me (2:31)
2. Roller Coaster (5:07)
3. Splash I (Now I'm Home) (3:57)
4. Reverberation (Doubt) (2:51)
5. Don't Fall Down (3:03)
6. Fire Engine (3:23)
7. Thru the Rhythm (3:10)
8. You Don't Know (How Young You Are) (2:59)
9. Kingdom of Heaven (3:11)
10. Monkey Island (2:40)
11. Tried to Hide (2:48)


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