Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles is an LP and a double EP by the English rock group and produced by George Martin — both including the six-song soundtrack to the 1967 movie of the same name. The soundtrack was a critical and commercial success, a number-one album in the US and Grammy-nominated — despite the relative critical and commercial failure of the Magical Mystery Tour film. After Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Paul McCartney wanted to create a film based upon The Beatles and their music. The film was to be unscripted: various "ordinary" people were to travel on a coach and have unspecified "magical" adventures. The Magical Mystery Tour movie was made and included six new Beatles songs. The film originally screened on BBC-TV over the 1967 Christmas holidays but was savaged by critics. - Wikipedia

George Harrison – Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Hammond Organ
John Lennon – Guitar, Piano, Electric Piano, Mellotron, Vocals, Harmonica
Paul McCartney – Bass Guitar, Piano, Mellotron, Vocals
Ringo Starr – Drums, Vocals

1. Magical Mystery Tour (2:48)
2. The Fool on the Hill (3:00)
3. Flying (2:16)
4. Blue Jay Way (3:50)
5. Your Mother Should Know (2:33)
6. I Am the Walrus (2:35)
7. Hello, Goodbye (3:24)
8. Strawberry Fields Forever (4:05)
9. Penny Lane (3:00)
10. Baby, You're a Rich Man (3:07)
11. All You Need Is Love (3:57)


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