Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ufomammut - Idolum (2008)

 Idolum is a new chapter in the sonic history of Ufomammut, presenting a sensible evolution in the sound and in the structure of the songs: dark atmospheres, simple and mastodontic song frameworks, a different idea of psichedelia. Idolum is a Latin word meaning 'ghost' and 'idea' at the same time, representing the massive but hidden presence as the main concepts of the album. An evolution in their sound is evident but it seems the band have traded in at least some of their urging and insistent groove for a more direct approach. Stand out tracks include "Ammonia," which features ethereal vocals from guest Rose Kemp, as well as the relatively fast paced "Destroyer." About halfway through album opener "Stigma," the sickodelic bastards known as Ufomammut unleash the madness on their latest full-length platter of Cosmic Doom, Idolum. The murky guitars/bass, plodding drums, electronic soundscapes, creepy synthesizer atmospheres, muffled vocals, and all the rest are still present in spades. Whether one is familiar with the band's killer back catalog or not, Idolum is perhaps somewhere between the angst and anguish of Neurosis (think A Sun That Never Sets) and the mystical majesty of Pink Floyd ("Welcome to the Machine") - Tony Belcher

Poia - Guitar
Urlo - Bass, Vocals
Vita - Drums

1. Stigma (7:12)
2. Stardog (5:41)
3. Hellectric (6:01)
4. Ammonia (7:10)
5. Nero (8:33)
6. Destroyer (4:03)
7. Void (21:42)
8. Elephantom (5:38)


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