Friday, May 27, 2011

Fish - Songs from the Mirror (1993)

Songs from the Mirror (1993) is the third solo album by singer Fish. It does not contain any original Fish material; instead it is a cover album featuring Fish's versions of songs by artists who inspired him before his career started. The choice of songs by Pink Floyd, Genesis, David Bowie, The Moody Blues and others, all originally from a period between 1970 and 1976, reflects Fish's taste in music when he was 12 to 18 years old. The title is a reference to the time when he would impersonate his teenage idols in front of a mirror. Fish's idea to make a cover album dates back to the late Marillion period, but had been rejected by the band. - Wikipedia

Derek W. Dick (Fish) – Vocals
Robin Boult – Guitar, Background Vocals
Foster Paterson – Keyboards, Background Vocals 
David Paton – Bass, Bass Guitar, Background Vocals 
Frank Usher – Guitar 
Kevin Wilkinson – Percussion, Drums 
Mick Wall – Voices
Lorna Bannon – Background Vocals
Jackie Bird – Background Vocals

1. Question (6:41)
2. Boston Tea Party (4:22)
3. Fearless (6:15)
4. Apeman (5:57)
5. Hold Your Head Up (3:47)
6. Solo (4:46)
7. I Know What I Like (4:17)
8. Jeepster (4:10)
9. Five Years (5:19)

Neal Morse - Lifeline (2008)

Lifeline is an album by Neal Morse. The album features performances from Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater) on drums and Randy George (Ajalon) on bass, as well as special guest appearances including Paul Bielatowicz, Paul Gilbert (Racer X and Mr. Big), who features on a bonus cut. Live drummer plays on the bonus track 'Set the Kingdom'.Collin Leijenaar. Neal and his band first performed the title track, on guitar and Lifeline, live at the Night of the Prog Festival on the Loreley, Germany. It was also played at a concert in Trondheim, Norway, with a local band. It was later announced that the album would be released on October 1, 2008. Unlike many of his previous releases, Lifeline is not a concept album.
Neal Morse - Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals 
Mike Portnoy - Drums 
Randy George - Bass

1. Lifeline (13:28)
2. The Way Home (4:20)
3. Leviathan (6:04)
4. God's Love (5:28)
5. Children of the Chosen (4:55)
6. So Many Roads (28:43)
7. Fly High (6:31)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Black Keys - Brothers (2010)

Brothers is the sixth album and Grammy Award-winner of Best Alternative Music Album by American blues-rock duo, The Black Keys. The album was designed by Michael Carney, Patrick Carney's brother. The album is littered with messages that identify everything, such as the front saying "This is an album by The Black Keys. The name of this album is Brothers". - Wikipedia
Dan Auerbach – Guitar, Bass, Vocals,
Patrick Carney – Drums 

1. Everlasting Light (3:24)
2. Next Girl (3:18)
3. Tighten Up (3:31)
4. Howlin' for You (3:12)
5. She's Long Gone (3:06)
6. Black Mud (2:10)
7. The Only One (5:00)
8. Too Afraid to Love You (3:25)
9. Ten Cent Pistol (4:29)
10. Sinister Kid (3:45)
11. The Go Getter (3:37)
12. I'm Not the One (3:49)
13. Unknown Brother (4:00)
14. Never Gonna Give You Up (3:39)
15. These Days (5:12)

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Ocean - Heliocentric (2010)

Heliocentric is the fourth studio album by the German experimental metal band The Ocean, released on April 9, 2010, and marks the recording debut of vocalist Loïc Rossetti. It is the first part of a double album about the critique of Christianity from different philosophical and personal angles. The songs, art and lyrics of this album tell the story of the rise of the heliocentric world view - the idea that the earth revolves around the sun, and that the sun is stationary and at the center of the solar system. Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei were the first popular ambassadors of this idea, although ancient Greek astronomers like Aristarchus had already posited this theory centuries before. The journey starts with the creation of the firmament in Genesis 1:6-20 (Firmament) and ancient explanations of the movement of celestial bodies in 1 Enoch 72:2-5 (The 1st Commandment of the Luminaries). It continues with Copernicus and Galileo, the first propagators of heliocentrism who were not yet in conflict with the Church (Ptolemy Was Wrong) and Giordano Bruno, who was burnt at the stake of the Roman Inquisition for being a heretic (Catharsis of a Heretic). Arthur Rimbaud's's criticism of moral law in his essay Reasons Not to Believe in God and Nietzsche's rejection of fundamental Christian values has inspired the lyrics to Metaphysics of the Hangman. The album concludes with the greatest achievement in the history of modern science, Darwin's theory of evolution (The Origin of Species) and ideas inspired by evolution biologist and passionate atheist Richard Dawkins (The Origin of God, Epiphany). Its companion album, Anthropocentric, challenges the views of creationists and other modern fundamentalists who believe that the earth is at the center of the universe. - Wikipedia

Luc Hess – Drums 
Louis Jucker – Bass 
Loïc Rossetti – Vocals 
Jonathan Nido – Guitars 
Robin Staps – Guitars, Electronics

1. Shamayim (1:53)
2. Firmament (7:29)
3. The First Commandment of the Luminaries (6:47)
4. Ptolemy Was Wrong (6:28)
5. Metaphysics of the Hangman (5:41)
6. Catharsis of a Heretic (2:08)
7. Swallowed by the Earth (4:59)
8. Epiphany (3:37)
9. The Origin of Species (7:23)
10. The Origin of God (4:33)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ISIS - In the Absence of Truth (2006)

In the Absence of Truth is the fourth full-length studio album by Los Angeles, California-based post-metalbandIsis, released by Ipecac Recordings on October 31, 2006. The album expands upon the group's previous full-length, Panopticon, further exploring lead singer Aaron Turner's clean vocals (though his former techniques, which relied more on screaming and growling are still present as well). Musically, the album is dynamic, ranging from extended musical ambience to almost tribal drumming. Isis continued their lengthy songwriting; Absence is in fact Isis' longest record, at almost 65 minutesWhile no official lyrics have yet been released, the album seems likely to connect with Isis's past legacy of concept albums, wherein some of the lyrics (such as "She was his queen" from "Dulcinea") relate to past themes. Turner has confirmed the presence of a concept: "I won't say what the concept is, but I can give you some clues about what inspired it: Hassan-i-Sabbah, the Islamic mystic cult leader, Don Quixote, Labyrinths." The album takes its title from a quote often attributed to Hassan-i-Sabbah: "Nothing is true, everything is permitted". When it comes to how this quote relates to the album's concept, Turner is again reluctant to reveal too much. "I'll just say that much of working on this record, for me, was about the power and nature of perception, and the ways in which it affects our behavior and the way we see the world," he says. "I'll just leave it at that, and people can draw their own conclusions." - Wikipedia
Jeff Caxide – Bass Guitar 
Aaron Harris – Drums 
Michael Gallagher – Guitar 
Bryant Clifford Meyer – Electronics and Guitar 
Aaron Turner – Vocals, Guitar and Hand-drawn Artwork

1. Wrists of Kings (7:45)
2. Not in Rivers, But in Drops (7:48)
3. Dulcinea (7:10)
4. Over Root and Thorn (8:31)
5. 1,000 Shards (6:17)
6. All Out of Time, All Into Space (3:04)
7. Holy Tears (7:04)
8. Firdous E Bareen (7:50)
9. Garden of Light (9:17)

Jonsi & Alex - Riceboy Sleeps (2009)

Riceboy Sleeps is the debut studio album by ambient duo Jónsi & Alex, released on 20 July 2009. The album is an artistic collaboration between Sigur Rós vocalist Jón Þór Birgisson and partner Alex Somers which features acoustic instrumental music alongside a string quartet, Amiina, and the Kópavogsdætur Choir. It's really less of a tone and more of a spell, the introspective, meditative songs take hold quickly and leave you feeling the album long after it stops spinning. 

 Jón “Jónsi” Þór Birgisson - Vocals, Guitar
Alex Somers - Guitar, Soundeffects and Keyboards

1. Happiness (9:18)
2. Atlas Song (8:30)
3. Indian Summer (9:10)
4. Stokkseyri (7:08)
5. Boy 1904 (5:09)
6. All the Big Trees (5:51)
7. Daniell in the Sea (6:54)
8. Howl (8:22)
9. Sleeping Giant (6:41)

Explosions in the Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (2011)

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care is the sixth studio album by American post-rock band Explosions in the Sky, which was released on 18 April 2011 in the UK, 25 April 2011 in Europe, and 26 April 2011 in the US. Take Care, Take Care, Take Care is one of the most expressive albums Explosions in the Sky, or anyone for that matter, has ever crafted, leading us through a six-song, 46-minute series of soaring highs and haunting lows. The album begins with “Last Known Surroundings” and a chord that rises from the ambiance, amazing in both its simplicity and its ability to chill the body. It doesn’t take long for Explosions in the Sky to throw us right into arpeggio-led buildups, arguably the most distinguishing feature of their music. Throughout the album, small style tweaks occur, like the use of vocals in “Trembling Hands” and the pseudo-classical melody mixed with drummer Chris Hrasky’s distinctive beats in “Be Comfortable Creature”. It is these little additions along with unique sounds that other post-rock acts struggle with, making it difficult to differentiate between their songs. EitS long ago mastered this, giving each song a special, almost story-like melody and mood.

Munaf Rayani – Guitar
Mark Smith – Guitar
Michael James – Guitar, Bass Guitar
Chris Hrasky – Drums

1. Last Known Surroundings (8:22)
2. Human Qualities (8:10)
3. Trembling Hands (3:31)
4. Be Comfortable, Creature (8:48)
5. Postcard from 1952 (7:07)
6. Let Me Back in (10:07)

Van der Graaf Generator - A Grounding in Numbers (2011)

A Grounding in Numbers is a studio album by the British rock group Van der Graaf Generator. It was released on 14 March 2011. This date, if written as 3,14, comprises the first three digits of the number π. The second track, "Mathematics", refers to Euler's identity, sometimes known as the mathematical poem. The album's release signals a continuation in the direction set by the current trio lineup, but it is released on a new label, Esoteric Records, a departure from previous releases on Virgin/Charisma. Hugh Padgham is the mixer of the album. - Wikipedia

Peter Hammill – Voice, Piano, Electric Guitar  
Hugh Banton – Organs, Bass Guitar
Guy Evans – Drums, Percussion

1. Your Time Starts Now (4:15)
2. Mathematics (3:38)
3. Highly Strung (3:36)
4. Red Baron (2:23)
5. Bunsho (5:03)
6. Snake Oil (5:21)
7. Splink (2:37)
8. Embarrassing Kid (3:07)
9. Medusa (2:12)
10. Mr. Sands (5:22)
11. Smoke (2:30)
12. 5533 (2:42)
13. All Over the Place (6:04)

Moving Mountains - Foreword (2008)

Foreword is the second EP released by the New York band, Moving Mountains. Moving Mountains has been tagged as being a strange concoction of post-rock aesthetics, pop-punk vocals with hardcore screams, glazed over with a nice topping of catharsis, and this EP does nothing to change that fact; what it does do, however, is refine their songwriting formula of swells and waves of fury placed next to tranquil, leisurely sections of melody down to a perfect science. Each of these 4 songs proves to be a fiend in its own right, while the EP itself manages to stay quite cohesive, and allows for an extremely interconnected, unified listen.

Gregory Dunn - Vocals and Guitar 
Nicholas Pizzolato - Drums 
Frank Graniero - Vocals and Guitar 
Mitchell Lee - Bass

1. Foreword (9:36)
2. With One's Heart in One's Mouth (9:49)
3. Armslength (7:12)
4. Lights and Shapes (9:31)

Her Name Is Calla - The Quiet Lamb (2010)

With its' post rock, symphonic-like soundscapes and barrage of emotion, 'The Quiet Lamb' is very little short of an audio masterpiece. Having taken a year to perfect their offering, Her Name Is Calla, a northern five-piece, prove themselves with this release as experts of emotional, intelligent, well-constructed alternative post-rock in the vein of Mogwai, iLiKETRAiNS, Explosions In The Sky and similar. Through harmonic and instrumental development, Her Name Is Calla establish a sonic world that, though anxious, uneasy and at times morbid, is entrancing and in a sense almost entrapping; there's far too much to say about this album to do it justice in words and suggest more than a mere flavour of the outstanding Her Name Is Calla blend. Everything about Her Name Is Calla spells out their ambitious nature. They are a truly talented bunch of musicians whose style could be called as eccentric as it is beguiling. They are completely comfortable with multi-part epics, too: of ‘The Quiet Lamb”s running time, a whopping 75 minutes, two tracks account for just about half of the entire record. 
Tom Morris - Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Magnus Organ, Banjo
Thom Corah - Live Synthesis, Trombone, Vocals, Percussion
Sophie Green - Violin, Vocals
Michael Love - Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Triangle
Adam Weikert - Drums, Piano, Banjo, Synthesizers, Guitar, Mandolin, Double Bass, Theremin, Vocals, Organ

1. Moss Giant (5:14)
2. A Blood Promise (6:08)
3. Pour More Oil (7:25)
4. Interval I (2:33)
5. Condor and River (17:06)
6. Long Grass (6:11)
7. Homecoming (2:24)
8. Thief (6:00)
9. Interval II (3:09)
10. The Union: I Worship a Golden Sun (6:49)
11. The Union: Recidivist (8:10)
12. The Union: Into the West (4:38)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slint - Spiderland (1991)

Spiderland is the second studio album by the American post-rock band Slint, released on March 27, 1991 on Touch and Go. Featuring dramatically alternating dynamics and vocals ranging from spoken word to shouting, the album contains narrative lyrics that emphasize alienation. Spiderland was Slint's first release on Touch and Go, and the group's last record. Although Spiderland was not widely recognized on its initial release, it eventually sold more than 50,000 copies and became a landmark album in underground music after Slint broke up. The album has been highly influential on the styles of many bands in the post-rock and math rock genres, including Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and has been named a favorite of several indie rock musicians. - Wikipedia 

David Pajo – Guitar 
Brian McMahan – Guitar, Vocals 
Britt Walford – Drums, Vocals and Guitar 
Todd Brashear – Bass Guitar

1. Breadcrumb Trail (5:55)
2. Nosferatu Man (5:35)
3. Don, Aman (6:28)
4. Washer (8:50)
5. For Dinner... (5:05)
6. Good Morning, Captain (7:38)

Blackfield - Welcome to My DNA (2011)

Welcome to My DNA is the third studio album by Blackfield. The name of the album was officially announced on Blackfield's official Twitter page, "Yes the album is called "Welcome to my DNA". All will become clear when you hear the title track..." Almost all of the songs were written by Aviv Geffen, as Steven Wilson had been working on a solo album at the same time. The musicians worked on the material together in studios in England and Israel. All tracks were produced by Wilson and Geffen, except from "Oxygen", which was produced by Trevor Horn. The cover artwork for the album has been designed by Carl Glover. The idea was originally presented to Marillion as a possible cover for their 2007 album Somewhere Else, however they chose a different design. - Wikipedia

Steven Wilson – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards 
Aviv Geffen – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards 
Eran Mitelman – Piano, Keyboards 
Seffy Efrat – Bass 
Tomer Z – Drums

1. Glass House (2:56)
2. Go to Hell (3:03)
3. Rising of the Tide (3:47)
4. Waving (3:54)
5. Far Away (2:47)
6. Dissolving with the Night (4:06)
7. Blood (3:17)
8. On the Plane (3:41)
9. Oxygen (3:04)
10. Zigota (5:04)
11. DNA (3:56)

Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. (2011)

Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. is the seventh studio album by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai, released on 14 February 2011 in the UK and Europe through Rock Action Records, and 15 February 2011 in the US through Sub Pop. On 20 November 2010, a taster track entitled "Rano Pano" was made available as a free download. The inspiration for the closing track's title, "You're Lionel Richie", comes from what an inebriated Stuart Braithwaite said when he ran into the singer at an airport. - Wikipedia

Dominic Aitchison – Bass Guitar 
Stuart Braithwaite – Guitar 
Martin Bulloch – Drums 
Barry Burns – Guitar and Keyboard 
John Cummings – Guitar

1. White Noise (5:04)
2. Mexican Grand Prix (5:18)
3. Rano Pano (5:15)
4. Death Rays (6:01)
5. San Pedro (3:27)
6. Letters to the Metro (4:41)
7. George Square Thatcher Death Party (4:00)
8. How to Be a Werewolf (6:23)
9. Too Raging to Cheers (4:30)
10. You're Lionel Richie (8:29)

Korhan Futaci & Kara Orkestra - Kurhan Futaci & Kara Orkestra (2010)

Korhan Futaci gave a start approximately 3 years ago with all the experiences of his musical experiences together in one idea. Blending all the information in his wise knowledge and pour out his skills into creating a unique sound that will certainly erode every piece of your body and mind. Group of 6, come together to expose an orchestral sound so rich in textures and styles when organically bond together works like machine of consciousness. Developed its genres from psychedelic jazz rock, experimental free jazz as well as gathering the essence of many ancient Turkish traditions of ritualistic values, epical themes derived from Ottoman tradition. Spectacular crew of Kara Orkestra makes it happen, big city chaos and craziness turns into intelligently composed colorful musical ideas. 

Korhan Futaci - Saxophones, Vocal
Barlas Tan Ozemek - Guitar
Gorkem Karabudak - Keyboards
Gokhan Sahinkaya - Electric Bass
Ozun Usta - Percussion
Ediz Hafizoglu - Drums 

1. Zor Isler (6:06)
2. Aglayamam Ben (3.50)
3. Sarma (3:31)
4. Unutulmasin Bu Yaz (4:42)
5. Geleneksel Mahser Gunu (5.19)
6. Abra Kadabra (5:33)
7. Sien (4:40)
8. Episode I (20:39)