Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blackfield - Welcome to My DNA (2011)

Welcome to My DNA is the third studio album by Blackfield. The name of the album was officially announced on Blackfield's official Twitter page, "Yes the album is called "Welcome to my DNA". All will become clear when you hear the title track..." Almost all of the songs were written by Aviv Geffen, as Steven Wilson had been working on a solo album at the same time. The musicians worked on the material together in studios in England and Israel. All tracks were produced by Wilson and Geffen, except from "Oxygen", which was produced by Trevor Horn. The cover artwork for the album has been designed by Carl Glover. The idea was originally presented to Marillion as a possible cover for their 2007 album Somewhere Else, however they chose a different design. - Wikipedia

Steven Wilson – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards 
Aviv Geffen – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards 
Eran Mitelman – Piano, Keyboards 
Seffy Efrat – Bass 
Tomer Z – Drums

1. Glass House (2:56)
2. Go to Hell (3:03)
3. Rising of the Tide (3:47)
4. Waving (3:54)
5. Far Away (2:47)
6. Dissolving with the Night (4:06)
7. Blood (3:17)
8. On the Plane (3:41)
9. Oxygen (3:04)
10. Zigota (5:04)
11. DNA (3:56)


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