Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Her Name Is Calla - The Quiet Lamb (2010)

With its' post rock, symphonic-like soundscapes and barrage of emotion, 'The Quiet Lamb' is very little short of an audio masterpiece. Having taken a year to perfect their offering, Her Name Is Calla, a northern five-piece, prove themselves with this release as experts of emotional, intelligent, well-constructed alternative post-rock in the vein of Mogwai, iLiKETRAiNS, Explosions In The Sky and similar. Through harmonic and instrumental development, Her Name Is Calla establish a sonic world that, though anxious, uneasy and at times morbid, is entrancing and in a sense almost entrapping; there's far too much to say about this album to do it justice in words and suggest more than a mere flavour of the outstanding Her Name Is Calla blend. Everything about Her Name Is Calla spells out their ambitious nature. They are a truly talented bunch of musicians whose style could be called as eccentric as it is beguiling. They are completely comfortable with multi-part epics, too: of ‘The Quiet Lamb”s running time, a whopping 75 minutes, two tracks account for just about half of the entire record. 
Tom Morris - Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Magnus Organ, Banjo
Thom Corah - Live Synthesis, Trombone, Vocals, Percussion
Sophie Green - Violin, Vocals
Michael Love - Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Triangle
Adam Weikert - Drums, Piano, Banjo, Synthesizers, Guitar, Mandolin, Double Bass, Theremin, Vocals, Organ

1. Moss Giant (5:14)
2. A Blood Promise (6:08)
3. Pour More Oil (7:25)
4. Interval I (2:33)
5. Condor and River (17:06)
6. Long Grass (6:11)
7. Homecoming (2:24)
8. Thief (6:00)
9. Interval II (3:09)
10. The Union: I Worship a Golden Sun (6:49)
11. The Union: Recidivist (8:10)
12. The Union: Into the West (4:38)


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