Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely (2008)

Consolers of the Lonely is the second album of The Raconteurs. It was released on March 25, 2008 on Warner Bros. Records in most parts of the world, and a day earlier on XL Recordings in the UK. The band premiered "Five on the Five" during their last tour. Consolers of the Lonely consists of recordings undertaken after The White Stripes' Icky Thump tour, which means the sessions that the band did in May 2007 before the Icky Thump tour weren't used. The title of the record comes from the inscription in the side of a Washington, D.C. post office written by Charles William Eliot, which reads in full: "Messenger of sympathy and love, servant of parted friends, consoler of the lonely, bond of the scattered family, enlarger of the common life." - Wikipedia

Patrick Keeler – Drums, Percussion 
Brendan Benson – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards 
Jack White III – Vocals, Guitar, Stylophone, Keyboards 
Jack L.J. Lawrence – Bass, Banjo, Backing Vocals

1. Consoler of the Lonely (3:26)
2. Salute Your Solution (3:00)
3. You Don't Understand Me (4:53)
4. Old Enough (3:58)
5. The Switch and the Spur (4:24)
6. Hold Up (3:27)
7. Top Yourself (4:26)
8. Many Shades of Black (4:25)
9. Five on the Five (3:33)
10. Attention (3:40)
11. Pull This Blanket Off (1:59)
12. Rich Kid Blues (4:34)
13. These Stones Will Shout (3:54)
14. Carolina Drama (5:55)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cult of Luna - Somewhere Along the Highway (2006)

Somewhere Along the Highway is the fourth full-length album by Swedish post-metal band Cult of Luna, released on April 24, 2006, on Earache Records. A concept album, it revolves around the motif of male loneliness. It was warmly received by critics and accordingly claimed several awards. Cult of Luna albums tend to focus on a theme; guitarist Erik Olofsson states in an interview that this release focuses on "Male loneliness – I was very inspired by a book by J.M. Coetzee [Life & Times of Michael K] about a man in South Africa with a hare lip. [The character] escapes from everything and lives off the earth eating only pumpkins. Johannes [Persson] had similar ideas for the lyrics about loneliness, it all has a kind of countryside vibe to it." - Wikipedia
Thomas Hedlund – Drums, Percussion 
Andreas Johansson – Bass 
Fredrik Kihlberg – Guitar, Vocals 
Magnus Lindberg – Drums
Erik Olofsson – Guitar
Johannes Persson – Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics 
Klas Rydberg – Vocals
Anders Teglund – Keyboards, Electronics

1. Marching to the Heartbeats (3:13)
2. Finland (10:46)
3. Back to Chapel Town (7:09)
4. And With Her Came the Birds (5:58)
5. Thirtyfour (10:00)
6. Dim (11:46)
7. Dark City, Dead Man (15:49)  

David Bowie - Station to Station (1976)

Station to Station is the tenth studio album by English musician David Bowie, released by RCA Records in 1976. Commonly regarded as one of his most significant works, Station to Station is also notable as the vehicle for Bowie's last great 'character', The Thin White Duke. The album was recorded after he completed shooting Nicolas Roeg's The Man Who Fell to Earth, and the cover featured a still from the movie. During the sessions Bowie was heavily dependent on drugs, especially cocaine, and recalls almost nothing of the production. Musically, Station to Station was a transitional album for Bowie, developing the funk and soul music of his previous release, Young Americans, while presenting a new direction towards synthesisers and motorik rhythms that was influenced by German electronic bands such as Kraftwerk and Neu!. This trend would culminate in some of his most acclaimed work, the so-called Berlin Trilogy, recorded with Brian Eno in 1977–79. Bowie himself has said that Station to Station was "a plea to come back to Europe for me". Nietzsche, Aleister Crowley, mythology and religion. With its blend of funk and Krautrock, romantic balladry and occultism, The album’s lyrics, meanwhile, reflected his preoccupations with Station to Station has been described as "simultaneously one of Bowie's most accessible albums and his most impenetrable". - Wikipedia   

David Bowie – Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone, Moog Synthesiser, Mellotron 
Carlos Alomar – Guitar 
Roy Bittan – Piano 
Dennis Davis – Drums 
George Murray – Bass 
Warren Peace – Backing Vocals 
Earl Slick – Guitar

1. Station to Station (10:14)
2. Golden Years (4:00)
3. Word on a Wing (6:03)
4. TVC 15 (5:33)
5. Stay (6:15)
6. Wild Is the Wind (6:02)

Neurosis - Sovereign (2000)

Sovereign is an EP by the Oakland, California band Neurosis. As with the previous album, Times of Grace (and each Neurosis album since) it was recorded by Steve Albini at Electric Audio in Chicago, Illinois. The CD contains a mixed-media CD-Rom portion featuring visuals and music reminiscent of their live shows and their work under the Tribes of Neurot moniker. - Wikipedia

Steve Von Till - Guitar, Vocals
Scott Kelly - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Edwardson - Bass, Vocals
Noah Landis - Keyboards, Vocals
Jason Roeder - Drums

1. Prayer (7:24)
2. An Offering (7:50)
3. Flood (4:08)
4. Sovereign (13:15)

Pelican - City of Echoes (2007)

City of Echoes is the third full-length album by American post-metal band Pelican, released in June 2007 on Hydra Head Records. The album's thematic center is one of globalization; critics received this intention with varying degrees of enthusiasm. City of Echoes was leaked onto the Internet in early 2007. Five color variations were released for the album's vinyl format. This includes black, silver, translucent blue, clear and black "splatter," and light pink and black "splatter" record designs. The title sort of refers to the feeling you get that, although you go to a lot of different places, one of the effects of globalisation is that you see so many similarities from city to city." - Wikipedia

Trevor de Brauw – Guitar 
Bryan Herweg – Bass 
Larry Herweg – Drums 
Laurent Schroeder-Lebec – Guitar

1.Bliss in Concrete (5:30)
2. City of Echoes (7:06)
3. Spaceship Broken - Parts Needed (6:04)
4. Winds With Hands (3:57)
5. Dead Between the Walls (5:06)
6. Lost in the Headlights (4:10)
7. Far from Fields (5:18)
8. A Delicate Sense of Balance (5:24)

Old Man Gloom - Seminar III: Zozobra (2001)

Seminar III: Zozobra is an album by Old Man Gloom, released in 2001 by Hydra Head Records imprint Tortuga Recordings. It's made by New Mexico metal quintet Old Man Gloom, who just happen to be fronted by ISIS mastermind Aaron Turner. All of its facets point to it being a truly great sludge/post-metal record: the massive, drop-tuned power chords, the raw, unrelenting hardcore shouts, and the eerie vocal and sound samples all give this the air of something created by someone who really knows what they're doing.
Caleb Scofield – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals 
Santos Montano – Drums
Luke Scarola – Effects, Electronics 
Nate Newton – Guitar, Backing Vocals 
Aaron Turner – Guitar, Vocals

1. Zozobra (27:10)

Minsk - The Ritual Fires of Abandonment (2007)

The Ritual Fires of Abandonment is the second full-length album by Chicago-based post-metal band Minsk. It was released in February 2007 as the band's debut on Relapse Records. Bruce Lamont, of Chicago-based band Yakuza, performed all the saxophone parts as guest musician. The lyrics are inspired by the works of Lebanese-American philosopher Kahlil Gibran; in fact he is credited as an author of the lyrics in the CD booklet. Musically this album doesn't detach itself too much from its predecessor, being dark, heavy and intricate, but the psychedelic side of the music is more elaborated and complex here, giving it a more "spiritual" vibe. Upon the album's release, bassist and producer Sanford Parker had this to say: "OK, finally the Minsk album titled The Ritual Fires of Abandonment is done, due out on Relapse Records Feb. 20th 2007, and its 59 minutes and 06 seconds long. Can you say psychedelic?......we can." - Wikipedia

Christopher Bennett – Guitar, Vocals 
Timothy Mead – Synthesizer 
Sanford Parker – Bass Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards,
Tony Wyioming – Drums 
Bruce Lamont – Saxophone

1. Embers (13:49)
2. White Wings (5:34)
3. Mescaline Sunrise (4:43)
4. The Orphans of Piety (14:41)
5. Circle of Ashes (4:37)
6. Ceremony Ek Stasis (15:39)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

KonstruKt - Dolunay (2011)

Saxophonist Peter Brötzmann becomes the perfect component for konstruKt on this record. His daring and resourceful approach fits in well and adds to the shape and trajectory of the music. The band forges several manifestations through lengthy interpolations. A fine sense of balance imbues the music with composition, playing as vital a role as freedom. It is a feast for the mind and the ears when Brötzmann and Futaci engage in conversation. The chemistry between them is just right and while Futaci can be more ingrained into the composition as he is on "Dolunay" for one, Brötzmann is in his comfort zone of polyrhythmic spirals. "Makinali" has a more limber body. Melody is rife and attractive, but Çağlar finds his muse in feeding loose strains before he takes it all to a higher plateau with a welter of rock notes that singe and sing in marvellous refrain. The whole is now marked by incursions from Argüden's davul and Usta's percussion as the saxophonists mark their own territory. It all casts a spell. The quartet finds a comfortable nook in both conglomerations, showing its artistic compatibility. The outpouring, whether it is in abstractions of form or in the tenets of composition, has a soul which makes it absolutely fascinating.

Korhan Arguden - Drums
Ozun Usta - Percussion
Umut Caglar - Guitar
Korhan Futaci - Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Peter Brotzmann - Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet

1. Dolunay ( 10:22)
2. Siyah (10:53)
3. Kurtlar (10:10)
4. Makinali (13:14)
5. Tepe (3:24)
6. Nokta (9:10)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kujo - Kujo (2007)

This is another product of Korhan Futaci's creative mind, who gave us projects, such as DandadaDan, Tamburada, KonstruKt, and Korhan Futaci & Kara Orkestra. Expect something you have not experienced before along the lines of magic.

1. Dance Killer (5:17)
2. Manyetik Sis (2:57)
3. White Rabbit (2:39)
4. Darp I (2:52)

Korhan Futaci - Saxophone
Burak Gurpinar - Drums 
Selim Saracoglu - Bass
Görkem Karabudak - Keyboards

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Dear Hunter - The Color Spectrum (2011)

The Color Spectrum is the cumulative title of a project by The Dear Hunter, consisting of a series of nine EPs, which each reflect an individual color of the color spectrum (namely Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and White). This project was envisioned by frontman Casey Crescenzo as a way to interpret the colors of the spectrum via music, and is in no way related to the Act I-VI storyline. - Wikipedia

Casey Crescenzo – Vocals, Piano, Guitar,
Nick Crescenzo – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Maxwell Tousseau – Guitar, Vocals

1. Filth and Squalor (Black) (4:01)
2. Deny it All (Red) (3:34)
3. But There’s Wolves? (Orange) (4:04)
4. She's Always Singing (Yellow) (2:40)
5. Things That Hide Away (Green) (3:24)
6. The Canopy (Green) (3:52)
7. Trapdoor (Blue) (3:54)
8. What Time Taught Us (Indigo) (4:07)
9. Lillian (Violet) (4:07)
10. Home (White) (3:55)
11. Fall and Flee (White) (4:07)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Green Carnation - Acoustic Verses (2006)

Norwegian metal band Green Carnation take a decidedly less-traveled road with their all-acoustic release Acoustic Verses, which features similar blistering riffs and awesome guitar shredding to their previous albums, "The Quiet Offspring" and "Light of Day, Day of Darkness" - only much, much quieter. A particular highlight is the three-part opus, 9-24-045, which blends intricately woven melodies and technical brilliance in a magical musical tapestry.

Kjetil Nordhus – Vocals
Terje Vik Schei (a.k.a. Tchort) – Guitars
Michael Krumins – Guitars
Stein Roger Sordal – Guitars
Anders Kobro – Drums

1. Sweet Leaf (4:38
2. The Burden Is Mine... Alone (3:15)
3. Maybe? (5:02)
4. Alone (3:43)
5. 9-29-045 (15:29)
6. Childsplay Part III (3:32)
7. High Tide Waves (7:49)