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Minsk - The Ritual Fires of Abandonment (2007)

The Ritual Fires of Abandonment is the second full-length album by Chicago-based post-metal band Minsk. It was released in February 2007 as the band's debut on Relapse Records. Bruce Lamont, of Chicago-based band Yakuza, performed all the saxophone parts as guest musician. The lyrics are inspired by the works of Lebanese-American philosopher Kahlil Gibran; in fact he is credited as an author of the lyrics in the CD booklet. Musically this album doesn't detach itself too much from its predecessor, being dark, heavy and intricate, but the psychedelic side of the music is more elaborated and complex here, giving it a more "spiritual" vibe. Upon the album's release, bassist and producer Sanford Parker had this to say: "OK, finally the Minsk album titled The Ritual Fires of Abandonment is done, due out on Relapse Records Feb. 20th 2007, and its 59 minutes and 06 seconds long. Can you say psychedelic?......we can." - Wikipedia

Christopher Bennett – Guitar, Vocals 
Timothy Mead – Synthesizer 
Sanford Parker – Bass Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards,
Tony Wyioming – Drums 
Bruce Lamont – Saxophone

1. Embers (13:49)
2. White Wings (5:34)
3. Mescaline Sunrise (4:43)
4. The Orphans of Piety (14:41)
5. Circle of Ashes (4:37)
6. Ceremony Ek Stasis (15:39)


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