Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Can - Soundtracks (1970)

Soundtracks is a soundtrack album by the Krautrock group Can. It was first released in 1970 and consists of tracks written for various films. The album marks the departure of the band's original vocalist Malcolm Mooney, who sings on two tracks, to be replaced by new member Damo Suzuki. Stylistically, the record also documents the transition from the psychedelia-inspired jams of their first recordings (i.e., Monster Movie and Delay 1968) to the more meditative, electronic, and experimental mode of the studio albums that followed (such as Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi). "She Brings the Rain", originally appearing in the 1969 film Bottom - Ein großer, graublauer Vogel by Thomas Schamoni (brother to directors Ulrich Schamoni and Peter Schamoni), was later featured in Wim Wenders' 1994 film Lisbon Story, the 2000 Oskar Roehler film Die Unberührbare and Tran Anh Hung's film Norwegian Wood, released in 2010. - Wikipedia
Holger Czukay – Bass, Double Bass 
Michael Karoli – Guitar, Violin 
Jaki Liebezeit – Drums, Percussion, Flute 
Malcolm Mooney – Vocals
Irmin Schmidt – Keyboards, Synthesizers 
Damo Suzuki – Vocals 

1. Deadlock (3:27)
2. Tango Whiskyman (4:04)
3. Deadlock (Titelmusik) (1:40)
4. Don't Turn the Light On, Leave Me Alone (3:42)
5. Soul Desert (3:48)
6. Mother Sky (14:31)
7. She Brings the Rain (4:04)


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