Friday, August 26, 2011

Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites (2005)

The Galilean Satellites is the first studio album by American post-metal band Rosetta, released in 2005 on Translation Loss Records. Disc one is in a heavy metal style while disc two is ambient noise. The liner notes contain no lyrics; only the phrase "These songs are about a space man", indicative of the band's fascination with astronomy. The lyrics themselves also seem to be (on one level) about space travel, and make many references to Europa, one of the Galilean moons. The band themselves have stated that the songs tell a story about a man who becomes dissatisfied with the world around him and leaves to find a place of solitude (Europa). However, upon reaching it, he realizes that he left behind things that were meaningful to him. The track names on disc two all are names of different stars: Deneb, Capella, Beta Aquilae, Ross 128, and Sol (the Latin name for our own sun).- Wikipedia

Michael Armine – Sound Manipulation, Vocals 
David Grossman – Bass Guitar 
Bruce McMurtrie Jr. – Drums 
J. Matthew Weed – Electric Guitar, Violin
Aaron Turner – Artwork

1. Départe (8:13)
2. Europa (10:25)
3. Absent (9:45)
4. Itinérant (16:14)
5. Au Pays Natal (13:32)
6. Deneb (8:13)
7. Capella (10:25)
8. Beta Aquilae (9:45)
9. Ross 128 (16:14)
10. Sol (15:28)


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