Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blood Ceremony - Living with the Ancient (2011)

Blood Ceremony, an infernal marriage of Sabbath riffing and the manic piping of Jethro Tull, play a distinctive style of flute-tinged witch rock. After a mind-numbing study of hundreds of trashy witchcraft films, the group began to pour their energies into crafting songs, transforming their fascination for horror into a profane musical vision. Their sound bears witness to the heavy bands of yesteryear, fusing progressive rock elements with folk and an early '70s downer vibe. Invoking the mischievous Pipes of Pan, Blood Ceremony songs are distinguished by singer Alia O'Brien's energetic flute solos - accenting an instrument long-associated with a list of devilish figures.

Alia O'Brien - Vocals, Flute, Organ
Sean Kennedy - Guitars
Lucas Gadke - Bass, Background Vocals
Andrew Haust - Drums, Percussion 

1. The Great God Pan (7:31)
2. Coven Tree (4:48)  
3. The Hermit (2:35)
4. My Demon Brother (4:48) 
5. Morning of the Magicians (6:58)
6. Oliver Haddo (2:12)    
7. Night of Augury (6:08) 
8. The Witchs Dance (0:41) 
9. Daughter of the Sun (10:11)

The Black Noodle Project - Ready to Go (2010)

"Ready to Go" is The Black Noodle Project's fourth studio album. After having travelled in some cold and heavy lands with their great third album "Eleonore", the French prog band is now coming back with an eclectic, moving and magnificent progressive rock album. All the songs of this 65 minutes long album are painted with beautiful melodies and deep emotions, and the band has never been so touching and exciting. The Pink Floyd early influences are still there : slow and melancolic melodies, light voice... but these influences are completely digested, as the band has developed a strong identity and a sound which is recognizable from the first chord to the last. Moving from mid tempo beautiful songs to heavy walls of emotions, The Black Noodle Project has recorded an album that has got everything needed to become a prog rock classical one. - Progarchives

Jeremie Grima - Guitar, Vocals
Anthony Leteve - Bass Guitar
Sebastien Bourdeix - Guitar, 
Fabrice Berger - Drums
Matthieu Jaubert - Keyboards, Vocals
1. Ready to Go (4:10)
2. We've Let You Go (4:57)
3. The One (5:38)
4. The World We Live in (6:29)
5. Rishikesh / Liverpool / Rishikesh (6:42)
6. Coming Up for Air (4:28)
7. Asymmetrical Vision (2:39)
8. From Out of Nowhere (4:22)
9. I'll Be Gone (5:20)
10. Ready to Go (Part II) (15:30)
11. Farewell (5:05)

Diagonal - Diagonal (2008)

Diagonal surprisingly appears on the stage in 2008 like an insider's tip. This Brighton/UK-based band is consisting of seven musicians in the mid twenties who obviously have the preference on 1970s prog music. Accompanied by a 7'' production the eponymous debut album was released by the Rise Above Records label. The songs are full of references to wellknown prog dinosaurs but not getting dusty though. Based on a rich instrumentation and a sophisticated songwriting Diagonal is blending nearly all styles the genre has to offer. Far away from any mainstream this band is recommend to prog gourmets.

David Wileman - Guitars, Percussion, Synth, Vocals
Nicholas Whittaker - Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Synth, Percussion, Vocals
Alex Crispin - Pianos, Organ, Lead Vocals, Synths, Percussion
Daniel Pomlett - Electric Bass, Guitars, Percussion, Vocal
Nicholas Richards - Guitars, Ebow, Synths, Percussion, Vocals
Ross Hossack - Synths, Percussion, Vocals
Luke Foster - Drums, Synths, Vocals 

1. Semi Permeable Men-Brain (10:54)
2. Child Of The Thunder-Cloud (8:49)
3. Deathwatch (7:18)
4. Cannon Misfire (5:32)
5. Pact (14:00)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aeon Spoke - Aeon Spoke (2007)

Æon Spoke is the second studio album by American band Æon Spoke, led by Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert.Aeon Spoke is a side project of bandmates Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert of the legendary technical/progressive metal band Cynic, but Aeon Spoke can hardly be called a side project but rather a transformation of music styles by talented and capable musicians. Masvidal and Reinert, who have been playing together since their pre-teen years, found their way into the music business by means of the Florida death metal boom of the 80's and 90's. At this time both were playing pure forms of death/heavy metal but since their styles have obviously and significant progressed. Nearly 20 years later the aspirations of two have arrived at worlds away indie and dare I say emo scene. Aeon spoke is meant to be serious, touching, and artistic. Delivering beautiful music in a simple and inviting package is the goal of Aeon Spoke.
Paul Masvidal – Vocals, Guitar 
Sean Reinert – Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Backing Vocals 
Evo – Guitar 
Stephen Gambina – Bass

1. Cavalry of Woe (4:14)
2. No Answers (3:37)
3. Sand and Foam (3:19)
4. Nothing (5:22)
5. The Fisher Tale (5:24)
6. Emmanuel (4:31)
7. Grace (4:58)
8. Pablo (At the Park) (5:10)
9. Yellowman (3:45)
10. Silence (4:41)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Opeth - Heritage (2011)

Heritage is the upcoming tenth studio album by Swedish progressive metal band Opeth, scheduled for release on 14 September 2011 by Roadrunner Records. It will be the band's tenth studio album and first since Watershed in 2008, marking the longest gap between studio albums in their history. Heritage will signal a departure for Opeth from the musical style of their past albums. Originally, the first two songs Mikael Akerfeldt wrote for the album were in the style of Watershed, but he scrapped them soon after. After writing "The Lines in My Hands" and speaking with Martin Mendez, Åkerfeldt decided to write the rest of the album in that style.Heritage will feature no death growls, which have been present on every Opeth album except Damnation. The album's title track is influenced by Jan Johansson and Swedish folk music. - Wikipedia
Mikael Akerfeldt – Vocals, Guitar, Mellotron, Piano
Fredrik Akesson – Guitar 
Per Wiberg – Keyboards, Piano, Mellotron 
Martin Mendez – Bass Guitar 
Martin Axenrot – Drums

1. Heritage (2:05)
2. The Devil's Orchard (6:40)
3. I Feel the Dark (6:40)
4. Slither (4:03)
5. Nepenthe (5:40)
6. Haxprocess (6:57)
7. Famine (8:32)
8. The Lines in My Hand (3:49)
9. Folklore (8:19)
10. Marrow of the Earth (4:19)