Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Black Noodle Project - Ready to Go (2010)

"Ready to Go" is The Black Noodle Project's fourth studio album. After having travelled in some cold and heavy lands with their great third album "Eleonore", the French prog band is now coming back with an eclectic, moving and magnificent progressive rock album. All the songs of this 65 minutes long album are painted with beautiful melodies and deep emotions, and the band has never been so touching and exciting. The Pink Floyd early influences are still there : slow and melancolic melodies, light voice... but these influences are completely digested, as the band has developed a strong identity and a sound which is recognizable from the first chord to the last. Moving from mid tempo beautiful songs to heavy walls of emotions, The Black Noodle Project has recorded an album that has got everything needed to become a prog rock classical one. - Progarchives

Jeremie Grima - Guitar, Vocals
Anthony Leteve - Bass Guitar
Sebastien Bourdeix - Guitar, 
Fabrice Berger - Drums
Matthieu Jaubert - Keyboards, Vocals
1. Ready to Go (4:10)
2. We've Let You Go (4:57)
3. The One (5:38)
4. The World We Live in (6:29)
5. Rishikesh / Liverpool / Rishikesh (6:42)
6. Coming Up for Air (4:28)
7. Asymmetrical Vision (2:39)
8. From Out of Nowhere (4:22)
9. I'll Be Gone (5:20)
10. Ready to Go (Part II) (15:30)
11. Farewell (5:05)


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