Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus - Bloom (2011)

The grand return of the krautrock, and other similar musical pharmaceuticals, have yet again entrenched itself in many peoples ears. It is music with a retrospective way of thinking that takes its listeners on adventurous excursions deep into one's mind. Music that aims to broaden your horizon and consciousness. JI&TRM will make an impact on you in the same way with their album Bloom an innovative and highly personal take on the psychedelic rock and the very use of its many components and elements. As the indicating seriousness of the first line of the opening track reveals... "It's not a joke this time. I'm leaving reality for sure." Bloom is their second album released on Transubstans Records, preceded by Elephanta which was released in 2007. JI&TRM employ 60’s/70’s psyche grooviness threaded through a singer/songwriter pattern in the vein of Jeff Buckley. The spirit of this American musician wanders through this 50 minute album. If nothing else, you would agree that the vocal style of Karl Apelmo is reminiscent of Buckley’s, who is certainly one of the best vocalists, in my opinion. The Ratgang Malibus’ psychedelia is rather more simplistic. Calling for Buckley’s spirit in the opening Elefanta starts the pilgrimage to a reverse time vertigo. Throughout the album’s flow, Jeremy Irons together with the Ratgang Malibus make constant turnouts heading back from Buckley’s trippy vortex to Zeppelin worship in the closing track, Fernando. Meanwhile, numbers like Skin Deep, Cosmo Tropic and IAOA revoke the bluesy hard rocking vibe, while Tales of the Future is setting the pace in the most straightforward sort of way. Golden Hours, together with the title track is another paying tribute to Jeff Buckley’s amazing work.

Karl Apelmo – Vocals, Guitars
Mikael Pettersson – Guitars
Viktor Kallgren – Bass
Henrik Persson – Drums

1. Elefanta (04:49)
2. Skin Deep (09:34)
3. Tales of the Future (05:07)
4. Golden Hours (05:06)
5. IAOA (07:18)
6. Bloom (05:42)
7. Cosmic Tropic (04:07)
8. Fernando (09:00)


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